Median Estimated Home Value: $148K 
Estimated Home Value 12-Month Change: 0.7%
Median List Price: $137K
List Price 1-Month Change: –0.3% 
List Price 12-Month Change: –9% 
Median Home Age: 46
Own: 55%
Rent: 45%

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Idaho Association of REALTORS®


Emmett Valley Association of REALTORS® is a professional organization of REALTORS® within Gem County. We exist to provide the community of real estate professionals in the Gem County area with a grounded connection to the state and national associations. Membership in the association means your REALTORS® has adopted and lives by a strict code of ethics.  This code helps REALTORS® police themselves, and works to maintain a solid base of ethics, practices and knowledge in an ever-changing market.  This protects and helps the ultimate beneficiary, the client.  

EVAR provides an avenue for resolving problems within what can often be a competitive and contentious environment, and facilitates a collegial atmosphere of friendly competition, making easier open communication between agents in support of their clients. 

We welcome you to Idaho, to our County and to our communities.  We hope you enjoy what you see, and if our lifestyle suits you, we encourage you to use the services of one of our member REALTORS® .

​​​​​Emmett Valley Association of REALTORS®